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    What if Banks Run out of Cash?

    In times of crisis, people like a sense of certainty. After all, haven’t we all been burned before for trusting in the wrong institutions? And for a lot of people, nothing feels more certain than a big, comforting pile of cold, hard cash. However, problems start to arise when a lot of people have this […] More

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    What if You Drank 1,000 Red Bulls?!

    We’ve all been there before. It’s three AM. It’s late. And you’re preparing for an exam the next morning. Attempting to cram as much last-minute information into your brain as possible. The only way to stay up and not fall asleep?Red Bull! But as every minute passes, and every fresh can of that delicious energy […] More

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    What If You Had to Spend 1 Trillion dollars in 24 Hours?

    Money, Everyday many of us make it, spend it, save it, or invest it. No matter what you do it with, or even if you don’t have any, our lives are still pretty much dependent on the constant flow of money. Some people dream of having slightly more money than they already have and going […] More

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    What If You Became a King?

    Have you ever wanted to be in charge? Maybe a teacher at your school?Or the boss at your job? Or maybe you’ve dreamed about ruling an entire country? And not as an elected leader, but as the all-powerful king. Today, we’re going to look at what it would be like if you were a king. […] More

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    What If You Invested In Bitcoin When It Was Worth Almost Nothing?

    Over the last few years, Bitcoin has attracted an enormous amount of media, business, and investor attention. And while trading began as far back as 2009, the price of a single coin has since skyrocketed. There are some Bitcoin evangelists promoting the currency as the ‘future of money’, capable of replacing or transforming the current […] More

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    What If You Drink Diet Coke and Mentos?

    If you haven’t heard of the mighty Mentos and Diet Coke experiment then where have you been? The world-famous experiment consists of combining super fresh and minty Mentos with that saccharine-sweet diet, and yes it has to be diet coke. The reaction between the substances makes for a huge foamy explosion that’s sure to make […] More

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    What If The World Ran Out Of Electricity?

    Firstly, it is important to state for those that don’t know, you can’t RUN OUT of electricity so to speak. Electricity : Electricity is a creation, not a natural resource… to create electricity you need to spin magnets with copper wire, but the process of spinning requires energy, which we can get from a number of […] More

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    What happens If The Internet Was Destroyed

    The internet. Love it or hate it, it is one of the most significant characterizing parts of cutting edge society. We depend on access to the web pretty much each second of the day. In any case, what happened if access to the internet was out of nowhere limited? That could be going on, at […] More

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    What If You Only Ate Sugar?

    Sweet treats are good eats! We love any kind of dessert – candy, cakes, pies, you name it we’ll eat it. Our #1 fantasy is to live in a big house made of sugary sweets, that we could eat every day. Sounds great, right? I’m sure there won’t be any consequences to a diet of […] More

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    What If You Were a Peasant in Medieval Times?

    We all love a good storybook tale of righteous Kings and Queens or fantasizing that we could be a brave knight on a heroic quest! But what if you were actually living during medieval times and found yourself, not as a noble, but all the way at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole as […] More

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    What If You Played Fortnite Battle Royale For 24 Hours

    Everyone’s done it- you plop down for a few matches of Fortnite and next thing you know, you’ve been building stairs over an enemy’s wall to shotgun them in the face until 3 in the morning. But what would happen to you if you played Fortnite for 24 hours straight? With games like Fortnite becoming […] More