What if All The Oil On Earth Runs Out?

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Do you really believe that the future will populate our lives with smart robots, supercomputers starships and other amazing innovations .come down to earth from the clouds the dark.

One fine day you wake up, and you don’t hear the habitual noise of cars outside, airplanes will stop taking to the air, the front gates of companies will close forever, the internet will cease to exist and all connections will be disconnected, all this do to our planet running out of how much time is left ? are there any ways to help free the world from dependence on oil ? so that human civilization won’t be lost into the darkness of another Middle Ages;

This natural oily liquid makes possible not only driving cars, flying airplanes, and navigating sea ships. it feeds us as our farming industries depend on it, it gets us dressed providing us with cheap, and sensible synthetic clothes made of petroleum products, and it makes our lives easier by offering a wide range of plastics.

Various oil fuel derivatives are used in drugs for allergies headache, nervous stress and infectious diseases .of course, we need crude oil for most equipment and vehicles essential to move all these products around the world, with their cost price coming out at the price as good as gold since the black stuff consumed to produce only one car is twice, its weight and don’t think that endless chattering on the phone is watching videos.

may occur without this liquid as the production of smartphones, computers and other gadgets are all oil-based, it takes 630 grams of crude oil to make a chip weighing one gram, or thirty-nine point four pounds of crude oil to make a chip weighing outs.

The internet globally absorbs energy commensurate with ten percent of electricity consumption of the United States, all this could soon be gone, as British Petroleum predicts oil flow will dry up by the year 2040 unless we can beat the clock and develop full-fledged energy alternatives.

The creation of a controlled thermonuclear , deuterium-tritium, fusion reaction seems the most alluring prospect humankind will get an inexhaustible source of energy , if we can if it weren’t for the main problem with deuterium-tritium reaction producing a large amount of tritium radiation with a half-life of only twelve point five years in contrast substituting helium-3 and deuterium for tritium makes fusion reactions nuclear safe, the problem is that helium stocks on earth are scant, measuring only a few kilograms true , one could stock up on cosmic helium with a view to meeting Earth’s current annual energy requirements.we would need to mine the moon for about a hundred tons of helium-3 for which three or four trips with a space shuttle seemed quite enough, but at first helium-3 has to be separated on the moon from other gases, mainly helium for igniting this kind of reaction requires heating the plasma up to 1 billion degrees with the plasma control solution to be found at the same time, therefore such options are currently considered as the basis for future thermonuclear reactors .

No synthesis is required. however, for direct use of solar radiation, industry leaders already produce solar panels with a performance index as close as 37.8%, utilizing them in cheaper and more efficient semiconductors,  instead of conventional silicon photodiodes, but even such innovations in solar panels, don’t make them cheap and efficient enough to replace oil, on top of that this energy source has proven to be reliable in countries only with a lot of sunny days,  on cloudy days performance drops drastically.

Unlike helium-3 another substance, hydrogen is ample on earth and can serve as a perfect motor fuel hydrogen emits a large amount of energy during combustion with the formation of steam alone and no environmentally polluting substances, hydrogen can be drawn from methane, coal, biomass ordinary garbage and of course water obtaining this substance from water is extremely simple, it splits into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, it’s true that production of hydrogen for refueling cars is only at the stage of development so far so that it’ll be a long time before it could be competitive with oil.

Wind-powered generators are another way to draw unlimited energy from natural sources, they don’t pollute the environment with only a slight impact on the local climate, a wind turbine, as a rule, takes little space not exceeding one percent of the whole farm area, the rest of the land can be used for agricultural needs .however, the productivity of such farms is completely dependent on wind power if its annual average speed is below 5 meters or 16 points 4 feet per second then using generators with a horizontal axis of rotation would not be feasible.

Currently, there are rotary generators with a vertical axis of rotation that operate to advantage even at wind speeds of only one meter or 3.2 eight feet, despite this wind-driven generators are too expensive to produce install and maintain with a view to make them peer competitors of oil .in addition, there are wave and tidal power plants, also allowing the use of elemental powers .for example at the vigor concern in Portland, they created the OE buoy energy platform for the company Ocean Energy, it’s a huge buoy weighing 826 tons with about 1.25 megawatts of energy generated by the platform through wave forces, this amount is sufficient to provide electricity to a settlement of eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty houses.

 Unfortunately,with such stations were literally forced to wait by the sea for weather, with the near the coast placement of major equipment so experts regard them rather as an effective supplement to other energy sources.

it appears that oil now addressing 33% of our energy needs cannot .however, be entirely replaced at least not so far, sooner or later we’ll come up with a way to get rid of this dependency, perhaps the perfect future source of energy is currently on its way, although now the idea of it may look weird to us.

Scientists from the University of California Berkeley have developed a method for generating electricity using the genetically modified bacterial virus m13, they added four negatively charged molecules to one end of its protein chain thus enhancing the difference between the positively and negatively charged ends of the protein molecule which resulted in an increase of electrical voltage, the researchers used a stack a virus films as big as one square centimeter about 0.16 square inches for building a postage-stamp-sized electrical generator and placed it between two gold-plated electrodes with an electrical voltage of approximately two and a half volts, enough to ignite the digit one on a liquid crystal display. scientists have also detected the first implications that quarks subatomic particles can merge with each other and emit energy tens of times greater than reactions in the interiors of stars collisions of Tetra quarks should result in energy release of approximately 200 mega electron volts this is about 10 times as much energy as thermonuclear reactions generate .however, to date such reactions are of no practical use, since the particles where they can occur don’t last very long nevertheless.

Physicist Gerald Miller from the University of Washington in Seattle, notice that the discovery suggests a possible existence of stable exotic matter composed of quarks. The annihilation is theoretically proven to take place where interaction occurs between antimatter and matter with a huge amount of energy from this reaction of fusion released into surrounding space interaction of one kilogram of antimatter and one kilogram of matter produces energy of approximately 1.8 times 10 to the 17th joules which are equivalent to the energy released during the explosion of 42.96 megatons of TNT, for comparison the most powerful nuclear device ever exploded on the planet. The Tsar Bomba wing 26.5 tons released energy equivalent to between 57 and 58 point six megatons in light of advances in technology, the implementation of this method is unlikely before the end of the 21st century.

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