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What happens If The Internet Was Destroyed

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The internet. Love it or hate it, it is one of the most significant characterizing parts of cutting edge society. We depend on access to the web pretty much each second of the day. In any case, what happened if access to the internet was out of nowhere limited? That could be going on, at this moment.

The Federal Communications Commission may have quite recently slaughtered the web, by casting a ballot to repeal unhindered internet. This implies that network access suppliers will begin charging you extra to stream television what’s more, films, use youtube just as internet-based life.

On the off chance that the US Congress votes to, execute unhindered internet, they could adequately murder the web as we know it, and we will go into another age. What will that age look like?

what if the internet was destroyed?

The internet Net neutrality is an Trump administration

rule that made it so all traffic on the internet is treated equally.Its how we experience the internet right now: For free, at the speed that we pay for every month, at an already high cost, I might add. But getting rid of net neutrality will allow internet service providers to limit access to some websites, as well as slow down the internet to access certain content.

Much in the way you have to pay for certain TV channel bundles, you will have to pay for bundles of specific internet services and apps.

The new regulations will allow companies like Comcast and Verizon to charge extra to watch 4k content. That includes Netflix and Hulu. Not everyone can afford to pay extra to watch Netflix, So maybe this will mean that Netflix wonít be as popular anymore.

The problem with Netflix losing viewership is much of the amazing content that is created for Netflix could lose its funding, Less and less original shows, and movies will be produced because there are less and less people streaming.

For those of you who think that Net Neutrality is an American issue, It’s not just the united states that will be affected by its repeal. The entire world will be, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, which are all from the united states.

If internet service providers charge them extra, we, the consumers are going to have to pay for that cost. Ok, so you are not going to be able to access social media and stream 4K content, so what?

Lots of countries like Spain are already charging extra for internet bundles, and they are doing Okay, the world might not change all that much. Well, its not just your ability to access social media and Netflix that is going to be affected by ending net neutrality.

There are some experts that say that ending net neutrality could affect research, especially science in a very profound way. Here is how, according to the former president of the American Meteorological Society, The AMS depends on access to data and the sharing of information.

Data taken from telescopes in Chile Is sent to physicists in Europe, and because of how much data is sent, terabytes upon terabytes, that data could take forever to send. At the same time, students who need to access the internet for research won’t be able to in the same way they are now. Imagine trying to finish a paper for school, but it’s taking forever to load the information you need to access that content, Students will even have to pay extra to access certain video content in order to finish school projects.

Repealing net neutrality can also be extremely problematic when it comes to assessing weather information that is gathered by satellites, radar and forecast models.

That internet is exchanged through the internet,60 percent of Americans get their weather information from the internet, smartphones, or streaming services.

ISPs will have the power to slow down the access to this information, That could pose very serious danger whenever there is an extreme weather warning, poorer people who cannot afford to pay for faster internet service will be most affected by this.

Imagine not being able to know on the fly when there’s a tornado warning, maybe destroying the internet as we know it wouldn’t be all bad. Perhaps if we all had to pay for the internet, more and more people would get off their computers and phones and experience life first hand again. Perhaps coffee shops and restaurants will become overrun with freelancers and students who are trying to use the free wifi, and people will gather to share information the way they did during the age of enlightenment, But then again, maybe all those public spaces that offer free internet won’t even do that anymore.

The fight is not over, you can prevent all of this from happening, by visiting and writing the US congress and as them to overturn the FCC vote.

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