What If The Internet Was Shut Off For A Year?

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The Internet it goes without saying that without it you wouldn’t be read  this article,but beyond that I can almost guarantee you that your life would change, and honestly I don’t think it would be for the better so what would we do and how would we survive in an offline world ?

The internet we wake up one day and honey has gone fishing, then we find out is for a whole year blimey, what the actual frog would we do maybe the answer lies 23 years ago back in good old humble 1995 back then fewer than 1% of people were online.

Now in the United States of America, 73% of people use it daily, and 90% of adults use it at least once every three months, as older generations die out the amount of people who cannot remember a life without the Internet increases, would we be equipped to deal with a year-long outage.

Firstly how on earth could the internet be Schutter for a year, and would we know that was just a year what if we thought it was forever? would it be as a result ! of a cyberattack a natural disaster a nuclear disaster, a solar storm, a government kill switch,  the apocalypse. the factors causing the outage would wildly affect the answer to this question for now let’s assume that it just sort of magically disappears for a bit.

If the internet stopped working worldwide for more than hour 6 minutes

There would be mass frenzy in all first and second world well as, huge pockets of panic in third world nations , over 50% of the world’s population uses the Internet, assuming we didn’t know it was just for a year the end could seemingly benign, people would run to stores and stockpile food.

Hunderds millions if not billions of individuals would quickly be jobless, people’s houses would be in danger ,people’s’ lives would be in risk, panic may lead to riots and likely an increase in suicides .

This chaos wouldn’t be great for many reasons one being that it could encourage world leaders to enact martial law, although it would be an end to his tweeting days.

Trump would probably love to rule the states with emergency powers ,and withoutn the internet to encourage public outcry at some of his actions.

If The Internet Was Shut Off a few weeks

This is the kind of world people would need to adjust to there would be no social media no YouTube no twitch no Instagram  no online news prepared to peruse at the hint of a button.

People would be less informed, entertainment would be harder to consume, despite the fact that there would be a resurgence on TV radio, and print journalism.

 The dinosaurs of the entertainment and communication world rejoice, are their main competitors being wiped out, to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the dwindling network’s publications were behind the sabotage.

The United States economy would be in jeopardy, and it would probably take the biggest worldwide hit especially in states like California which rely heavily on tech, and poor sales would draw there’d be no Google, no uber, no Amazon, it would go bust could buy Silicon Valley goodbye crypto currencies .of course, past the United States practically all overall economies would be in peril,and the inevitable rush on the banks would lead to a worldwide banking crisis, think about it without the internet third pino internet banking which would mean a horrifying return to cashing checks.

People would rush to banks to try and draw out their money, the banks wouldn’t be able to deal with the demand and they would likely close or operate under restricted hours and special measures , this would put many people without an abundance of cash at risk of being penniless or the banking crisis was resolved look at Greece from 2009.

Businesses in general would suffer even if they aren’t internet-based most businesses use the Internet in some form and undoing all the progress we’ve made since 1995 would be a pure and utter headache,no internet wave a happy return to travel agents and taxi cabs, some may see this is a good thing others not so much.

But let’s welcome back libraries sois this may be great for local communities, we would be kidding ourselves if we thought that without the internet education wouldn’t suffer, because it was books a great for literature and sparking imaginations,but that parable for delivering pinpointed information we could no longer find answers at the touch of a button which would undoubtedly make people less curious, if information was an effort who would seek it public travel would be mainly unaffected initially planes can still fly without the internet trains and buses can continue to run to schedule .however, long-term internet outages would start to have an effect on logistics and communications, how would a company communicate a cancellation.

Personally, I don’t know what I would do in Canada without my Transport app, it tells you when the buses or trams are coming so I can leave my house at the right time, in the winter I might freeze in minus 20 degrees Celsius whether waiting for a delayed bus, speaking of freezing we would all need to stay tuned to the weather reports on the TV and radio as there would be no app to help honey out with her outfit choice for the day speaking of apps we would be lost without Google Maps, how do we get sushi delivered to our door 1 a.m. without just eat we couldn’t, without the internet our options would be limited, and we’d be slowed down dare I even say the words postal service at this point.

The panic settled down after a year

Psychologically we would be stressed out sure we might talk to the people immediately surrounding us ,but we may lose the contact we have learned to rely on without more distant friends, I live overseas and phone calls are infrequent ,and less practical than whatsapp not only that our telecommunication systems would be overloaded without the internet if we were all trying to make calls instead of sending texts phone lines wouldn’t be able to handle the demand.

Systems would be overloaded without the internet if we were all trying to make calls instead of sending texts phone lines wouldn’t be able to handle the demand.

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