What If The World Ran Out Of Electricity?

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Firstly, it is important to state for those that don’t know, you can’t RUN OUT of electricity so to speak.

Electricity :

Electricity is a creation, not a natural resource… to create electricity you need to spin magnets with copper wire, but the process of spinning requires energy, which we can get from a number of ways.

Green energy:

Green energy is energy harvest from nature, like solar panels or wind turbines. We can also create energy with natural gas, however harmful sources of energy are coal-burning our nuclear energy, which releases toxic emissions. Many power plants that use thermal energy to spin the copper and magnets to create electricity are only 35 percent efficient, which means for every 100 units of thermal energy, only 35 are converted into electric energy.

What If There Was No Electricity

So you see now, at the moment, a lot of electricity takes more than it gives, which is problematic.

Now you know that let’s imagine a world where we are no longer able to generate electricity.

Initially, if the electricity snapped off, there would be a period of confusion.

Everything chargeable would gradually die and there would be a time of chaos and luting, which would mean people plundering food stores until they were bare. Then, for everybody who was able to get through that reasonably unscathed, a long hard period of adjustment would follow.


The business has created close by power for over a hundred years presently, occupations that we had in those days don’t exist today, and figuring out how to create salary without y electricity would take a long time with a hefty adjustment period.


People would be forced to turn to more pastoral jobs, like farming. Although, without electricity, farming would be pretty difficult and we would need to revert to olden day techniques of plowing and fertilizing.

Modern electrical equipment has sped up farming at a rate needed to supply the worlds bulging population. Without this speed, farming would take longer, prices would rise, and people may starve. That being said, perhaps without electricity, more people would turn to that line of work, and perhaps more people would turn to their own back yards to grow food…which would be nice.


Transportation would get a lot harder. Many subway trains and cross country trains are electronic. Without them, we would probably be forced to return to steam engines, which are pretty cool, so no huge hate there, even if there are a lot slower.

While rudimentary aeroplanes could function without electricity, modern-day jets wouldn’t be able to fly, so say goodbye to the commercial passenger jet and hello to ye olde steamboat, the problem is, most of them that still exist are out of commission.

I would say you could kiss goodbye to easy overseas parcel delivery, but to be honest, without electricity the chances of that are slim anyway.

While electric cars would cease to be useful, in theory without electricity people could still drive cars.

While headlights and car sound systems wouldn’t work, we may be able to adapt to find a way to get around.

Engines work by internal combustion, not electricity. Modern cars do have batteries that require electricity, which is a problem, but early automobiles didn’t so we would need to return to what is left of those or make new ones.

social interaction

Hopefully, we would find a way to harness firelight to our advantage, meaning we wouldn’t have to be night time hermits …. However, it is certain that a lack of electricity would affect our social interaction….Boardgame and chill?

Movies and TV shows will be a thing of memory and maybe people will amuse themselves by performing scenes from them to one another, and things like Gam of Thrones over time will seem like a great fable.


What will be interesting is the shift in economic global power.

Countries that rely on electricity will struggle whereas second and third world countries with a lesser reliance on it may take the opportunity to increase their trading power.

We could see a huge global shift of power.

After the short term issues of dealing with chaos and candle quests, the biggest problem facing a world without electricity would re-learning the old ways of creating things before the great switch on…. We’re so used to electricity aiding our every-day life, we forget that we can live without it, and we did live without it for thousands of years.

So, what do you think the world would be like without electricity?

Do you think that we could live happily?

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