What If You Had to Spend 1 Trillion dollars in 24 Hours?

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Money, Everyday many of us make it, spend it, save it, or invest it.

No matter what you do it with, or even if you don’t have any, our lives are still pretty much dependent on the constant flow of money.

Some people dream of having slightly more money than they already have and going on a nice vacation, or buying a new car. Others may dream of having millions! But what if someone told you you could have more than a million dollars.

Much, much, more. You could have a Trillion Dollars!

The only catch? You have to spend it all in a single day.

Is it possible to spend one trillion dollars in a single day?

Is it possible to spend that much money at all?

Every day consists of twenty-four hours, which means there are one thousand four hundred and forty minutes a day. Or 86,400 seconds in a day.

Spending one dollar per second

So if you were able to spend one dollar every second, you’d end up spending under a hundred grand in a day.

Even if you had a whole year, spending $1 each second only gets you to 31,536,000 dollars. And we’re talking about spending one TRILLION dollars in a DAY.

That means we need to spend closer to 15 million dollars a second.

You need to think big, Really big.

Throwing the world’s biggest party

Renting out an entire theme park and inviting hundreds of your friends like you’ve always wanted! and buying everyone plane tickets to get there, private suites to stay in, Or even better, you’ll just rent the entire hotel!

To rent out that theme park for the entire day you have to buy every ticket.

Just for safety, let’s say you purchase all 80,000 daily tickets for 100 bucks each, And the hotel has 100 rooms. You rent those too at 120 dollars a room.

Oh and plane tickets for your friends! First-class of course 2000 each, And you pay for all the food because you’re a really generous person. Let’s say 100 per person for food all day long. Now that sounds like a party!

But you’re still a little short of a trillion dollars because that only adds up to 8,310,000 dollars! Not even close! At that rate, you would have to rent out the theme park and hotels for over 300 years straight!

Buying the world’s most expensive objects

Let’s face it, small things like food, jewelry, clothes, cars, and even all day theme park rentals simply won’t add up fast enough.

You need something with a larger price tag that you can buy much faster.

What about a fancy yacht?

It’s nice, luxurious and, most importantly, expensive.

If you get one clocking in over a hundred feet long and equipped with everything you could dream of it will probably cost you around 12,000,000 dollars. At that price, you could buy one yacht every second all day long and finally tally your bill up to a trillion dollars! And all you would need to do is purchase somewhere in the ballpark of 83,333 yachts. There’s just one problem.

There are only about 10,000 yachts on planet earth. And only a few hundred yachts are actually manufactured each year given labor, resources, and time.

Even if you managed to convince the yacht builders to agree and produce a whopping 200 yachts a year, it would still take approximately 417 years of non stop around the clock working to fulfill your one trillion dollar order.

In theory is it possible to spend one trillion dollars in a single day?

Yes, but all of the red tape involved to purchase those various items or invest that money would actually take far longer than a single day, so it’s probably not possible in the real world for a regular person.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but money can’t buy happiness anyway.

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